Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Use Video in Email - An Easy Step-by-Step Guide.

If you have ever tried to get these two super-powers of marketing to work together, you may have come across a common problem: it can be a total nightmare.

That said, the gain is definitely worth the pain, as the following stats from the "Web Video Marketing Council" demonstrate:

  • A vast majority of senior marketing executives—88%—report that email with integrated video improves campaign performance.
  • A smaller, though still sizable, majority of 76% say these campaigns generate high click-through rates.
  • Finally, 72% say "prospects are more likely to make a purchase or take other desired actions after viewing video content sent via email."

So how do you do it?

Frankly, there are a lot of different options for using video in email, but if you're looking for the quick, easy and reliable option, trust me when I say the instructions below are for you:


Step 1) Go to and upload your video. You will need to sign in, don't worry it's all free. (see Image 1)

Image 1.

Step 2) Once your video is uploaded, go to it's page on YouTube. Now capture the screen image by pressing: "Ctrl + Prt Scr". (see Image 2)

Image 2.

Step 3) Open the "Paint" program in Windows. Once it's open, paste your screen image by pressing: "Ctrl + V". (see image 3.)

Image 3.

Step 4) Your captured screen image should appear in the program. click and hold the left mouse button to move the image around. Once you have the video in view, you want to click the "selection" tool and drag a box around your video image. 

Image 4.

Step 5) With your video selected, click "crop". 

Image 5.

Step 6) Now click the "Resize" button. A window will pop up with some resize options. Select "Resize by Pixels" and make sure the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" checkbox is selected. For use in email footers give the image a horizontal size of 175 pixels, use a larger size if you are going to use the image in the email body. Click OK.

Image 6.

Step 7) Download the following "Play_Button" image by clicking the following link, left click on the image and select "Save Image as...":

Once downloaded, select "Paste from..." in Paint and select the "Play_Button" file. Drag the graphic into the center of your video image. (Tip: If you put the graphic in the wrong place, just undo the move by pressing "Ctrl + Z")

Image 7.

Step 8) Save the image. Give it a name and select "JPEG" from the "save as type".

Image 8.

Step 9) Open your email client and compose a new email. Paste the image you created into the email. Select the image and add a hyperlink which links to the YouTube page your video is hosted on. (Tip: Don't forget to add "alternate text" which will be displayed even if your image is blocked).

Image 9.

Step 10) Send your email! You can also paste the image and hyperlink into your email footer meaning every email you send is promoting your video.


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