Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video Marketing Secrets – 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Explainer Video

If you are thinking of having an explainer video produced, you want to make sure your investment does more than just play, it needs to do serious business.

So what separates the winners from the losers? After a long time of working on these projects I've seen that all truly successful explainer videos have a:

1. Clear and Concise Script
2. Professional Voice Over
3. Prominent Position in Webpage Layout

Notice there is no mention of "quality animation" anywhere in that list. It's not that the animation quality isn't important, because quite frankly, it is. Trouble is, animation is very much an artistic element and like all art, different styles appeal to different people.

An animation style that you love may seem mediocre to your clients.

"As long as the animation looks professional, helps add meaning 
to spoken elements and fits in with your branding, it is really 
only eye-candy."
Therefore, as long as the animation looks professional, helps add meaning to spoken elements and fits in with your branding, it is really only eye-candy. 

Bottom line is, if the underlying message is clear, concise and properly presented, even those who aren't wow-ed by the animation will find value in your video.

The first step in achieving this is to have a:

Clear and Concise Script

The script of an explainer video is hands-down, without doubt, socks off the most important element of the project. It is the beating heart of the project and the single most important factor to your video marketing success.

With that in mind: Use a professional script writer to produce your script!

This doesn't mean you shouldn't be involved in the process, but it is much more likely that an outside perspective of your product / service / message will produce a script that strikes a chord with first time viewers of your video. 

If a company offers a professional script writing service, use it. This way they can use their expertise to produce an effective product from the ground up.

Remember, the message is key, everything else is eye-candy!

Of course, once you have a clear message and motivating call to action, the next piece of the puzzle is to make sure you use a:

Professional Voice-Over

Not all voices are created equal, and the truth is, most of us don't have the skills required to narrate a video effectively.

"Professional voice talent is not expensive, and a
small investment here can make a huge difference
to the final outcome of your video."
A professional voice artist can bring your message to life, inspire confidence in listeners and ensure the key details of your video are easily remembered. 

Even better, there is an enormous variety of voice-talent to choose from which allows you to easily find a voice that matches your brand.

You wouldn't accept un-professional animation in your video, therefore, isn't the voice which conveys your message of ever greater importance?

Professional voice talent is not a expensive, and a small investment here can make a huge difference to the final outcome of your video.

Prominent Position in Webpage Layout

Once the script, voice-over and animation are complete, your video is bursting with marketing potential. But in order for it to have the effect you hope for, it is vital that visitors to your website, blog or social media channel are able to find it in the first place.

Therefore, don't make people work to find your video. Make sure a visitor can see it when they land on your site without having to scroll down or navigate to another page. Make the video big, make it prominent, give it a big idiot-proof play button! 

"Don't make people work to find your video. Make the video big, make it
prominent, give it a big idiot-proof play button!"
For even greater effect, place some sort of call to action button near the video. That way, once someone has watched it, you make it easy for them to take the next step.

Videos work so well because they are engaging and convenient. Don't fall at the final hurdle by making visitors work to find your video or making it difficult to obey the call to action.

Of course, these three elements are not the only things which dictate the success or failure of an explainer video, but I guarantee that if they are missing, things just won't go how you want!

Kenny Simpson is a Creative Producer at

If you would like to have an explainer video produced and would like more information, click here to drop us a line and get a FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTE.

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